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To us, caring is all about personal relationships. In this blog, we will share what’s in our hearts and on our minds. Whether it’s an inspirational story about a senior or caregiver, a helpful care tip, or commentary on the latest news about how we’re working together to enhance the lives of older adults.​

Elder Debt

I remember visiting my grandmother as a child, and noticing when her memory started failing.  I recall seeing my father’s frustration when we once arrived at her house, he saw late payment notices on utility bills and taxes.  He took care of them, but this...
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Home Safety Tips for the Elderly

You may have seen the insurance commercial about “Mayhem”, a mythical character representing accidents. Ironically, though most of our elderly parents are quite content to be finally independent and safe at home, “Mayhem” may be lurking around waiting to take safety away from them. 100%...
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