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The Quarters at Des Peres Reviews

The Quarters at Des Peres Nursing Home Review

Take the comforts of home and combine them with a 4-STAR Luxury Hotel and you have The Quarters at Des Peres! A fine nursing facility that offers clients the one-on-one personal attention and care they deserve. It is a rehabilitative home with on-hand skilled nursing staff members there to assist and provide around the clock care. Some of these include help with daily living activities, rehabilitation, and health care services. The Quarters at Des Peres accepts most health insurance like Medicaid, Medicare, and many others as well. This quaint yet elegant nursing facility has only the best of personal care services to provide each client.

You’ll find The Quarters of Des Peres to be more than accommodating no matter how long your stay may be. Striving to give the utmost of rehabilitative therapy and clinical care that suits your needs and own recovery treatment. The Quarters at Des Peres has extensive acute care options in combination with single client rehab services.

This includes:

  • Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
  • Fall Management & Balance Retraining
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Quarters of Des Peres offers both semi and private room accommodations in a comfy setting for more relaxed rehab services. Equipped with the best rehab equipment, they ensure residents a more quick and effective recovery time.

Each staff member at Quarters of Des Peres treats their residents as part of one big happy family. Devoted to presenting a cheerful and inspirational environment that encompasses the entire facility. Providing engaging activities that encourage personal interaction and make a client feel more at ease.

Mealtime at The Quarters is an award-winning experience! Clients can enjoy savory food served up from the cooks in Des Peres’s own kitchen. There’s a fine dining room where they and their family/friends are able to dine together in comfort. Aside from their full daily menu, The Quarters also has separate options for those with special dietary requirements. They also have a complimentary full-service daily menu to choose everyday meals and even offer room food delivery as well.

With the top quality service and personal compassion shown at The Quarters of Des Peres, it is easy to see why so many go there for rehabilitative care.