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Nazareth Living Reviews

Nazareth Living

Still looking for your tribe? You might just find it at Nazareth Living, St. Louis’ friendliest retirement community. From our safe and supported neighborhood in South County, we provide senior living facilities to elderly residents with diverse needs. Whether you’re fully independent, require assisted living or long term care, we’ve got a home for you in our beautifully landscaped center.

Nazareth Living Center Retirement Community (besides being a mouthful to say) is a non-profit community for seniors of all ages and abilities. You can call us Nazareth Living or just plain Nazareth. We’re sponsored by the Catholic Church and offer senior apartments, supported living, long term nursing home care, memory care, rehabilitation care and more.

Nazareth Living is a member of the Continuum of Care Community (CCRC). We are recognized within the region as an approved care provider and have won a number of prestigious awards. We welcome senior citizens from South County and surrounding areas who wish to live physically, socially and spiritually fulfilled lives.

Part of Nazareth’s appeal is its picturesque location. Our community’s welcoming environments – social spaces, sports facilities, health centers and senior apartments – encourage residents to live in ways that make them happy. You can stroll around the neighborhood, relax in the park, spend time in church or meet friends for social activities. At Nazareth Living, you’re here to live and live well.

If Nazareth Living Retirement Community sounds like a place you could call home, call us today. Let’s discuss your options. We’re a great choice if you’re looking for top-rated senior living opportunities in St. Louis.

Some More Information About Nazareth Living

You may be interested to know a little more about Nazareth Living and its history as a retirement provider. Nazareth Ministry Partners has delivered care in the community, in one form or another, for more than 145 years.

The Nazareth Living Center can be dated all the way back to 1836. The Holy Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in St. Louis from France and established a school for the deaf. Over time, the Sisters’ goodwill and desire to support vulnerable people would see them develop a variety of health and educational initiatives. They would include aid for the poor, social services, counseling resources, advocacy programs, pastoral care and religious ministries.

While much has changed since the Sisters arrived in St. Louis – they are today called the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet – the community they originally created for retired and ailing nuns in 1992 continues to expand and evolve. Nazareth Living is one of the leading providers of senior care in the state. We give elderly citizens the chance to live as independently as possible while also providing the practical reassurance of onsite living assistance, private medical facilities and spiritual sanctuary.

Mission Statement

Nazareth Living continues to be funded and operated by the Catholic Church. However, our retirement community welcomes people of all faiths, ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our residents are encouraged to practice their faiths as we believe religious worship is the key to a happy, fulfilled life. Where members do not practice a particular faith, they are encouraged to participate in church activities when and if they feel happy to do so.

The three guiding principles that define life in our beautiful community are respect for one another, kindness to all around us and the willingness to contribute to the center’s safe management by adhering to rules and showing support for thy neighbors and carers.

We’re waiting for your call. Are you ready to start the next chapter of your life at Nazareth Living Retirement Community?