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Green Park Senior Living Community Reviews

Green Park Senior Living Community Is a skilled nursing facility. When there is a need for both short-term recovery and rehabilitation or long-term care that focuses on you and your loved ones, then consider this qualified nursing facility based in St. Louis, MO.

This facility’s objective is to use a holistic approach to caring that helps its guests on a more personal level. Because they believe that seniors need to make meaningful connections, they have created and strive to maintain a supportive environment that gives their residents, guests, and their families an excellent experience.

Redefining senior rehabilitation

At Green Park Senior Living Community, their goal is to help their residents to make the most out of their senior years and the time they spend under Green Park Senior Living Community’s care. That is why Green Park has spent hours developing different activities their residents can participate in. From bingo to trivia contests, as well as community outings to an annual carnival, their residents have the opportunity to enjoy their stay and freely participate in those activities that suit their interests.

No matter the reason why you or your loved one needs senior rehabilitation, their staff is ready to provide you with a friendly and interactive environment that you can call home while you stay.

Meeting health care needs

That is one of the most important reasons why you are looking for a qualified nursing facility. The right facility needs to have the right health care plan and their facility has it. Green Park’s plan starts with their belief that to provide the best care they create an ongoing relationship with their residents and their families.
Also, their senior staff will work with their residents’ primary care physicians to make sure that their residents get personalized care that implements the right therapy for their long-term health goals. Green Park’s care plan also keeps you involved every step of the way so you are not out of the loop but can monitor the care your loved ones receive. Their goal is to get you home as quickly as possible so that you can be happier and more comfortable.

Green Park’s programs and services

#1. Programs:

  1. occupational therapy
  2. speech therapy
  3. physical therapy

#2. Services:

Medical services

  1. Alzheimer’s/ dementia care
  2. cancer care
  3. wound care
  4. cardiac episode recovery
  5. pain management using PCA pumps
  6. IV therapy

Specialized care options

1. infectious disease care

2. bariatric care

3. secured Alzheimer’s/ Dementia care unit

4. hospice care

5. respite care

6. behavioral sciences- transitions programs

7. Respiratory care- tracheostomies & weaning care

Their admissions process

Entering a skilled nursing facility can be overwhelming at times. That is why their admission professionals will gladly meet you or your loved one at the hospital or your home to answer your questions about the care they provide.
Also, their professionals will provide you with a list of items you need to bring to their facility to help you take the next step. When you come to fill out the required forms for admission their admissions coordinator will answer your questions and explain the different payment options.
Please make sure you bring all your insurance information with you at this time. Admissions take place 24 /7. Those payment options include:

  1. VA coverage
  2. Medicare/Medicaid coverage
  3. private pay options

Constructing a care plan

Their interdisciplinary team will meet to discuss the individual care plan for you or your loved one. You and your loved ones are invited to attend these meetings and they are designed to address both the physical and mental needs of the resident. Progress reports are available.