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Garden View Care Center and Nursing Home Reviews

The mission of Garden View Care Center is to deliver the very best dementia care through rehabilitation and a high standard of nursing home care. This care is delivered in a hospitality style environment with activities taking place that are based around the needs of the resident.

Dementia Care Services Delivered With Compassion And Understanding

We understand the challenges that our residents face because we have over 30 years experience of providing care for dementia patients. We want to share the benefit of this experience with any family that is looking for advice or guidance. All residents receive unlimited care and compassion whether they are only with us for short term care or their needs are long term. Every member of staff wants to make your family member feel at home and so everyone makes a real effort to get to know all of our residents.

Facts About Garden View Care Center

– Daily activities form part of our memory care program. These activities can take place in the home and residents also take part in outings.

– In 2016 the team we put together for the Alzheimer’s Association fundraiser walk was the 6th largest to take part in the event.

– We want residents to feel like part of the family from the day they arrive and every member of staff will make the effort to get to know each resident.

– The president of Garden View, Richard Winter, and his wife Kathie are actively involved in raising funds for local community projects.

– Richard also serves on the board of the Missouri Health Care Association where he represents Garden View Care Center.

– Garden View first opened in 1988 and since this time has been serving the communities of Chesterfield, O’ Fallon and Dougherty Ferry, as well as surrounding areas.

– A high standard of nursing is available for all residents for situations ranging from assisted living to end of life care.

– Every member of staff undertakes Alzheimer’s care training and receives a certification on an annual basis.

– We also have secured units available for residents at a progressed stage of dementia. This helps to give families peace of mind that their loved ones will be kept safe.

– George Colbert is the administrator of Garden View and he is also a member of the Missouri Health Care Association, as well as being a AHCA representative.

Richard Winter And Garden View Care Center

Richard Winter is the owner and president of Garden View Care Center. He has also had experience of the home from a family point of view, and his mother spent her final years here.

His mother had lived independently until she was 86 years old, when she suffered a series of falls. Richard and his family were worried about her falling one day with no one realizing that she was in trouble. The decision was made for her to move to Garden View so that there would always be someone there to take care of her needs.

She settled in well and soon began to make friends with the other residents. She enjoyed taking part in the activities and outings that the home put on. Her room faced o the garden and she loved the view.

The medical care that the nursing staff could provide became even more important after a few years when she was diagnosed with dementia. Living at Garden View meant that she was able to spend her final days being cared for with dignity.

Richard believes that seeing first hand the difference Garden View Care Center was able to make to his own family has made him a better president.