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Delmar Gardens Reviews

Delmar Gardens is dedicated to providing top-notch care to the senior citizen population. Founded in 1965, Delmar Gardens has come to the aid of the elderly by providing tranquil living environments, strong emotional support, mental stimulation, and whole-hearted companionship with the utmost respect of individual privacy, morals, and personal independence. Their one-of-a-kind nursing facility and quaint retirement communities, in combination with their personal motto of love, care, and understanding are reflected upon their devotion towards senior citizens. Delmar Gardens provides residents along with their family and friends with a buildable trust and reliability they can depend on.

Delmar Gardens is a family-friendly community which is caring and compassionate; focusing on their resident’s health and mental well-being.

Delmar Gardens is serving a good majority of the elderly population which is in need of top quality health care alongside rehabilitative services. They are getting the word spread about their talented nursing center and quaint retirement communities.

Recognizing and coming to the aid of seniors, their families, and care providers; constantly seeking to meet the changing needs of elderly individuals. They strive to provide continual services as needed for the accommodation of residents and their children which includes:

  • Long-Term Care & Rehabilitative Services
  • Peaceful Retirement Living
  • Assisted Living Care
  • Personal Home Health Care
  • Respite Care Service
  • One-On-One Care For Individuals Suffering From Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Other Related Issues
  • Hospice & Consolation Care Services
  • Private Individual Service
  • Medical & Respiratory Care Services (Including Equipment)
  • Personal Wellness Programs
  • Wound Management Care
  • Early Childhood Development Centers

Delmar Gardens assists a wide variety of advisors which includes members of the clergy, primary care doctors, social workers, accountants, lawyers, and trust officers in acquiring a successful method of action for residents and their families.

Taking the responsibility squarely on their shoulders, offering specialized services and facilities to those who are less fortunate which rely on outside-source funding.

Each and every member takes on an active role in the senior community, assisting various groups and organizations that provide elderly services.

At Delmar Gardens their staff members are the backbone of the organization, providing individuals with excellent service and care. They are devoting themselves at providing employees with the utmost training and support and rewarding them when performing top-quality service. The organization even pays its workers well according to their specific job description and geographical location. Delmar Gardens gives each member the tools necessary to successfully work side-by-side with the elderly. This includes administrative, monetary, and technical support and training which helps enhance their employee’s skill set.