Charter Senior Living of St. Louis Hills

There are a wide range of amenities that are on offer at Charter Senior Living nursing home of St. Louis Hills. This includes day trips and other adventures that are held off-site. Residents are able to keep their cats or dogs in their rooms and free wifi is available in all rooms. We are located in a convenient location that can be easily accessed by public transport. We also have a large car park, with free parking for residents and their guests.

Dining Options

All residents are provided with a meal so there is no need for them to do any of their own cooking. If guests are visiting at meal times, then they can also order a meal. Meals are usually served in the restaurant style dining room, but a private room is available if you are celebrating a special occasion. All meals are prepared by a professional chef and a range of meals, including vegetarian options, are available.

On-Site Activities

The activities that are available on-site have been carefully chosen in order to ensure mental and physical abilities are both stimulated. A full time director of activities is employed to ensure that a full cycle of activities can be enjoyed by our residents. The exercise program that is in place includes activities that can be carried out while being seated so that all residents are able to take part.

Outdoor Common Areas

All outdoor common areas are designed to be accessible and to make mobility as easy as possible. An outside patio garden is included in our community grounds and this is also accessible to all residents. The garden includes raised flower beds that residents are able to tend to during their leisure hours.

Indoor Common Areas

Indoor common areas give residents somewhere that they can relax and enjoy the company of other residents. Communal spaces include a computer room, a TV lounge, games room, bistro and billiards lounge. All areas are fully staffed to ensure that residents remain safe at all times.

Charter Senior Living

Living Options and Amenities

Studio units, one bedroom units and wheelchair accessible units are all available for residents. Residents can also choose rooms that are on the ground floor, and those that are southern facing. The home has WanderGuard technology which helps to keep our residents safe. Air conditioning and temperatures are regulated to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Roll-in showers are available to all residents that want to use one. All residents also have access to free wifi and cable TV channels.

Featured Amenities at Charter Senior Living of St. Louis Hills

– Transportation. We can provide complimentary transportation service if there is somewhere off-site that our residents would like to visit.

– Personal Services. There is a beautician that works on-site who residents can visit if they want a beauty treatment for a special occasion, or just to treat themselves. Hair cuts are also available for both women and men. Other services that residents are able to take advantage of include housekeeping services for their rooms and laundry and dry cleaning services.

– Religious Services. Devotional services are offered on-site so that residents can remain in the community if they want to offer prayer or worship. Catholic and Protestant services are held on a regular basis. There are also several churches in the local area and we will support residents in attending any place of worship that they wish.

– Medical Services. We have staff that are on hand to deal with medical issues 24 hours a day. This includes RNs and LPNs that are available on site. A Medical Director is employed to ensure that the medical needs of all residents are taken care of, and this includes managing medication.

We also have specialists in a variety of areas visit the home so that they can provide their services to any residents that need it. This includes a podiatrist, speech therapist, occupational therapist and optometrist.

We also have the facilities to help residents with medical issues that may cause disorientation or confusion. The perimeter of our community is secured to ensure that all our residents remain safe. Our staff are also fully trained in de-escalating a situation where someone is looking for an exit. All of these procedures that we have in place also means that we are able to accept residents that have challenging behavior.