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Cardinal Ritter Senior Services Reviews

Cardinal Ritter Senior Living Nursing Home offers a program of skilled nursing and rehabilitation for all their residents. This includes short-term rehabilitation and longer-term care. As well as meeting the physical needs of the patient, they also use a holistic approach to ensure that their social, emotional and spiritual needs are met. Cardinal Ritter have an activities department that arranges both individual and group activities.
Cardinal Ritter also ensure that the relatives of the patient are involved in all decisions that are made about their care. Care providers in the community are sometimes also included in the care plan if it will improve the level of care that the patient receives.

They have a chapel where mass is offered six times per week. If residents are unable to attend the chapel, then communion can be distributed. Pastoral Care services are also available to family members if they feel they need support. There is no requirement to attend any services and Cardinal Ritter makes members of all faiths feel welcome.
They have an interdisciplinary team in order to provide the best care for residents. This includes activities staff, rehabilitation therapists and dieticians, as well as nursing staff.

Dementia Care Community

The Hope Community is based on the Shrewsbury Campus and this is where the specialist dementia care is provided. Resident care is overseen by the clinical director at this facility
Staff levels are organized so that all residents get the personal care that they need. All activities are carried out in small groups to make sure that all residents feel comfortable. Regular assessments take place so that the care plan for all residents is always up to date and takes into account any changes in their condition.

Updated Furnishings

The furnishings at the Hope Community have recently been updated to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for residents. The color scheme has been chosen to create a warm environment that feels like home.

Services and Activities

– Laundry, housekeeping and cable included in price of stay

– 15 private and semi-private rooms that are located in a small area

– Activities for groups and individuals

– Certified dementia practitioner on staff

– 24 hour nurse availability for all residents

– Central dining

– Daily Mass

Amenities Offered To Residents

– Daily Mass

– Gift shop

– Pastoral care support

– Emergency call system

– Outdoor patios and indoor lounge areas

– Barber shop and beauty parlor

– Group and individual activities

– Heating and air conditioning that can be individually controlled

– Private and semi-private rooms

– Special diets catered for and room service available upon request

Services Offered By Cardinal Ritter

– Hospice and palliative care

– Memory care

– 24 hour nursing care

– Occupational, speech and physical therapy provided by Aegis Therapies

– Long-term care

– Short-term rehabilitation

Apartments For All Seniors

The aim of Cardinal Ritter is to provide affordable apartments that give residents a sense of community and privacy when it is needed. Programs and services that are offered on site provide seniors with all that they need and they have the freedom to come and go as they please, with transport usually available. Full kitchens are available in the apartments along with showers with safety bars and heating and air-conditioning that can be individually controlled. A nurse attends on a weekly basis to talk with residents and promote the importance of good health.

Social Services Department

Cardinal Ritter also has a social services department which offers the following services:

– Financial counselling and management

– Geriatric case management

– Access to community resources

– Services that connect seniors with assistance for care, food, shelter and utilities

– Assistance for people diagnosed with dementia

– Psychological and medical resources

– Information and referral

– Family caregiver support