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Brooking Park Nursing Home Reviews

If a senior loved one is in need of additional care beyond what a residential facility can provide, a nursing home may be an option. Nursing home care is available for seniors who need help with medication management, mobility, incontinence and hygiene, among others. You will find shared, private and semi-private rooms in nursing homes. There are also facilities like dining halls, social areas and outdoor areas. These homes provide higher levels of care and more medical attention than assisted-living facilities. To provide high-quality healthcare, the nursing staff, doctors, physical therapists, and other medical personnel collaborate to deliver it. To ensure the best possible outcome, they focus on long-term solutions. Brooking Park’s medical staff strive to make patients feel at home. Patients will feel at home with the personal care and attention they receive from Brooking Park. This is important for the patient and the medical staff. It allows them to do their jobs without any confusion or hesitation. This treatment model is also useful for loved ones who are in recovery.

Some residents can be disturbed by noise, traffic, or commotion. People with memory impairments will thrive in a better environment. All of these households will have a nurse manager, who will also be supported by a social worker. A nurse is available each day, and there is also a 24-hour staff. The staffing ratio was deliberately high to ensure that residents’ needs can be met promptly and consistently. Our main goal is to ensure independence and daily living for all residents. We recognize the importance of having a high staffing ratio. Therefore, we maintain a model that has a high patient to staff ratio to ensure that residents are able to remain in their homes for the rest of their lives.

Our mission is to improve the quality and life of all our patients, not only those with dementia, but also their families. Brooking Park prides itself on having a cohesive team who go the extra mile for all patients to improve their quality of life. This also means that there is ongoing research into the environmental, social, and psychological issues. Brooking Park staff want to maximize strengths, keep people occupied, and prevent them from becoming confused or disoriented. This organization places a high value on research.

Brooking Park is committed to helping the elderly by offering a tranquil environment, strong emotional support and mental stimulation. They also provide companionship and friendship with the highest respect for individual privacy, morals and independence. Their dedication to senior citizens is reflected in their unique nursing facility and charming retirement communities. Brooking Park offers residents and their families and friends a foundation of trust and reliability that they can rely on.

At Brooking Park their staff members are the backbone of the organization, providing individuals with excellent service and care. They are devoting themselves to providing employees with the utmost training and support and rewarding them when performing top-quality service. The organization even pays its workers well according to their specific job description and geographical location. Brooking Park gives each member the tools necessary to successfully work side-by-side with the elderly. This includes administrative, monetary, and technical support and training which helps enhance their employee’s skill set.

They are always willing to go the extra mile for their neighbors!