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Bethesda Reviews

The Bethesda Health Group, located in the St. Louis area, is well known as one of the best providers of senior care, living, and services due to the fact that they have made experience and commitment the cornerstone of their model. They have operated like this for the past 130 years, earning the trust and respect of the St. Louis families around them.

We have over one thousand employees who seek to bolster the successful aging of the residents by being innovative and compassionate to their needs. This has always been the vision of Bethesda, and we know that it is what sets us apart from other senior care, living, and services in the area. We make sure that our employees have a deep understanding of the aging process related to our clients, which supports our fundamental mission – to help engage and create in a lifestyle that is both safe and supportive for our clients and their families.

Whatever is required of Bethesda to offer to our clients to enhance and increase their quality of life, we will do – we offer the following services, Assisted Living, Memory Support and Rehab, Skilled Nursing, Retirement Living, Care Management program, and a wide range of Home and Community Based Services.

Bethesda has been recognized and awarded numerous times for our commitment to the safety and quality of life to our clients, culminating in earning the Pathways to Greatness Award from the organization Leading Age.

One way that Bethesda continually keeps on top of our promises to our clients and their families is that we are constantly looking for and pursuing any and every opportunity we come across to collaborate with the senior citizens of St. Louis and the St. Louis healthcare system. For example, right now we are engaged with BJC Healthcare to provide delivery of care and operational management for three long term care communities.

Bethesda is a non-denominational, non-profit that is wholly committed to the community of St. Louis. When the time comes for your loved one to come into care, we hope that you will consider all of the above and approach us – you’re in good hands.


To do what we do best – be the best provider of services and care for seniors in our existing markets, while providing our employees with fulfilling opportunities and maintaining our financial stability and strength.


Bolster successful aging through innovation and compassion.


  • Dignity: To treat everyone we come into contact with, with respect and dignity.
  • Diversity: To recognize and celebrate the differences between our clients and employees.
  • Community Benefit: To provide the same quality of care to meet the needs of our senior citizens without concern for their socioeconomic status.
  • Integrity: To provide all services and care with integrity and sincerity.
  • Quality: To provide the same care and services to all seniors, no matter where they are located.

Bethesda is extremely proud that we can offer all St. Louis seniors and their families with a wide range of care and services, including Home and Community Based Services – enabling every client to receive the best of their options regarding medical care and social challenges.

Some seniors may need to come with us – particularly if you are going to need our Short Stay Rehab & Therapy services. Otherwise, we will come directly to you no matter where you are – for services like Care Management and Home Health.

Bethesda’s commitment to quality care and services will be there for you and your loved ones to take advantage of and rely on.

Continue exploring the services that Bethesda can offer you and please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions:

  • Senior Support Solutions (in-home)
  • Hospice Care
  • Respite Care
  • Short-Stay Rehab (post-hospitalization)
  • Care Management
  • St. Andrews & Bethesda Health

Activities To Do With Your Parents at Your Next Visit

How can adult children connect or reconnect with their parents in an adult assisted living community? Tara Powell, the Life Enrichment Coordinator for Bethesda Hawthorne Place (assisted living and memory care facility, located in Kirkwood and Grove) named over thirty activities in the space of ten minutes.

Where Do You Start?

Tara always encourages the visitors to look at the activities calendar and make their decision based on what they are interested in – almost every activity has been adapted for the senior citizen’s family and friends to join them last minute if they so choose. All you have to do is sign up. Tara also noted that senior citizens living in the facility are much more consistent about signing up and doing the activities when they have family and friends to do so with them.

If you want to have private, individual time with your parent, you can also look for gaps in the calendar, as well.

What’s Happening Now?

  • Activities
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Exercise Classes
  • Movie Nights
  • Music Sessions
  • Painting Classes

Tara encourages visitors, especially if they are new, to make suggestions about the activities – especially if they can contribute something new to the group.

For example, at Bethesda Hawthorne Place, one resident’s relative plays the piano for the residents three days a week. Another visitor spearheaded a gardening class, and another brought a variety of differently shaped cookie cutters to a baking class.

Not only can visitors do activities with their loved one, but they can also dine with them as well, and celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, and even go for walks around the grounds. All you have to do is call ahead to inform the staff and make a reservation and it will be done.

Community-wide celebrations are always open to everyone – whether it’s visiting old neighborhoods and neighbors, going to a park, going to church, taking a drive, or going to the movies, Bethesda has it all going on at once.

In the apartments of the residents, family and friends can gather privately and do whatever they want – visit, view photo albums, listen to music, watch videos, and play games. Our residents love their visits with their children and grandchildren and enjoy catching up to all they missed.

Nursing Home Benefits

Tara is well aware of the benefits – not only to the seniors’ overall health but to their outlook on life. They are not missing out, they are able to tell their friends and neighbors inside the facility all about their family life and how their family is doing.

There are many other benefits to keeping the residents and their families connected – so we cannot wait for you to come and experience it for yourself!

If you or a loved one are interested in an assisted living Bethesda community near you, then please do not hesitate to contact us for more questions and information!