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Aberdeen Heights Reviews

Aberdeen Heights

At Aberdeen Heights, we celebrate the things that make our residents unique. However you choose to define yourself, however you’ve led your life thus far, there’s a home for you here among the inspired and spirited folk in our retirement community. With a little forward thinking and compassion, we believe all older citizens can live full and autonomous lives.

It’s what we’re known for at Aberdeen Heights, our independence and understanding. We want to help you enjoy life on your own terms. This might mean providing assistance with physical needs, helping out with chores and weekly tasks or just offering you a safe and rewarding place to live.

Aberdeen Heights is recognized and approved as a leading Continuing Care Retirement Community in Kirkwood, Missouri. We offer Missouri seniors fully independent living opportunities, assisted living, long term care for complex needs, rehabilitation based care, memory care and more. Our onsite staff are skilled social and medical care providers who cater their approach to the needs of every resident.

We know you’re not the same as the older gentleman who lives down the street. We know your age isn’t what defines you. So, we don’t offer a ‘one fits all’ formula for senior living. Become a member of our beautiful retirement community and you’ll get the freedom and breathing space to define this chapter of your life.

Our Health Care Benefit calculates the cost of housing, care and social facilities so that residents know exactly what they’ll pay each month. There are no surprises here. We want new members to fully embrace this new chapter in their lives so monthly living costs are predictable and based on individual needs. If you don’t need or want as much help as the couple next door, you won’t pay for it.

Aberdeen Heights is a non-profit senior living organization, or nursing home, sponsored by the Presbyterian Manors of Mid America in Wichita, Kansas. Our community is operated by a faith based provider but welcomes residents of many different races, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. In our picturesque retirement village, all are equal and entitled to the same support and opportunities.

Aberdeen Heights is more than a retirement community. It’s part of our Church’s promise to care for older citizens who have enriched and inspired those around them for many decades. Now, it’s your turn to kick back and enjoy life as a senior.

Some Background Information On Aberdeen Heights

The Presbyterian Manors of Mid America (PMMA) funds and manages no fewer than seventeen retirement facilities across Missouri and Kansas. Every year, we support some 2500 senior citizens as they live, socialize, create and inspire as part of communities like Aberdeen Heights.

Our mission is simple: to provide high quality senior care and resources to all who require them and to do so in a way that honors the PMMA’s Christian values. We’ve been doing it for over seventy years and plan to be doing it for seventy more yet.

Work is ongoing to build and open a new retirement community in Colorado Springs.

Like all our facilities, the Aberdeen Heights community in Missouri has its origins in the Presbyterian Church USA’s Synod of Kansas in 1947. During a formal church meeting to discuss the future of the Kansas chapter, a Mrs Alice Kalb of El Dorado asked leaders to construct a safe haven for older members of the church and award her a place in it.

We took the wishes of our congregation very seriously, even back then, and it wasn’t long before the PMMA founded its first ever retirement community, the United Presbyterian Foundation of Kansas Inc. It still exists today but it is now locally known as Presbyterian Manors, Inc.