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Visiting Angels St. Louis Reviews

As their name suggests, St. Louis Visiting Angels provide seniors with excellent in-home care!

Providers at Visiting Angels enure family members that their loved one will have the best care possible. Thus, helping to relieve any worry about how he/she is doing at home. It also eases the mind of an elderly individual with limited mobility. Caregivers are available both day and/or night to assist with routine daily tasks and self-care.

This form of in-home assistant care is considered non-medical and includes one-on-one companionship. Helping to brighten up the day of senior and make more worthwhile. Whether the senior needs several hours or around the clock care, Visiting Angels will be there every step of the way.

It’s never too late to get the care your loved one deserves and needs! For more information about the Visiting Angels call them directly at 1-800-942-2903 or visit their company website at

Once fully satisfied, proceed to fill out the Visiting Angels online Request Form!

Caregivers give seniors the ability to live comfortable lives in their homes. Receiving minimal help while still keeping his/her own independence. Some assistance members of the Visiting Angels provide include:

  • Personal Hygiene & Bathing
  • The Handling of Daily Medications
  • Scheduling Doctor’s Appointments
  • Household Chores & Daily Tasks
  • The Preparation of Meals

Seeking Visiting Angel Services

Many adults feel like they need to be there for their parents no matter what. Yet, this can be overwhelming when trying to juggle in time for the essentials. Sometimes a senior is mobile enough to have his/her own place but needs some help along the way. In these cases, it would be ideal to have a member of Visiting Angels there to lend a helping hand.

Then the loved one will be more comfortable because they’re in the familiar surrounding of home. A place which is cozy and the senior’s not stressed about finding himself/herself in a strange new environment!

Deciding on a personal caregiver for one’s parent is not an easy decision to make. Thus, consulting with a professional will help the process be somewhat easier. After listening to the available options ponder over it for a while then decide.

Visiting Angels Senior In-Home Specialists

The Visiting Angels have provided senior’s with optimum in-home health care for years. Once they’ve established the person’s specific needs, set him/her up with an ideal candidate. Someone who understands and has the skills to assist their personal needs.

They sympathize with family members trying to make this difficult decision and are more than happy to ease their worried minds. These qualified individuals have visited hundreds of senior’s homes and understand what the persons going through.

Emergency In-Home Care

Unexpected emergencies can arise at any moment, thus requiring immediate attention from an outside source! That’s when a Visiting Angel waiting on standby can arrive shortly before or after his/her hospital release. Whether the senior requires bedside assistance or rehabilitative services, their caregivers will be there.

Backed with an extensive amount of experience, a skilled Visiting Angel is highly dependable! They can even travel to a loved one’s home as part of the relocation process.

Some other ways Visiting Angels help seniors and their families include:

  • One-On-One Family Consulting Regarding Individual Care & Cost
  • Scheduling In-Home Visits
  • Establishing An Individual Care Plan Of Action
  • Setting Up A Meeting With Caregiver
  • Coordinating Care Plan Adjustments In Regards To Family Wishes

Every Visiting Angels establishment is an independent franchise with its own set of rules & regulations. And all of which can vary according to that particular agency.

Getting Started With In-Home Care Services

In order to receive the best possible care, one must first arrange a one-on-one meeting with the Visiting Angel’s personal coordinator. It will involve an in-depth discussion about the individual senior’s specific care needs. As well as any special requests from the client or his/her family members, along with any additional concerns. This is also the ideal time to bring up questions regarding Visiting Angels and their personnel policies & procedures! Remember they are there to assist and can help relieve the stress of trying to process everything. So, do not hesitate to call them for anything regarding senior home care!

Common Topics Discussed During initial Visiting Angels Meeting

  • Certain in-home care needs of senior regarding:
    • Dietary Habits
    • Personal Hygiene (Bathing, Dressing, Incontinence)
    • The Preparing Of Meals
  • The Scheduling of medications, naps, and mealtimes.
  • Discussion of senior’s overall emotional state & their interaction with others, and special appointments.
  • Help needed with general housekeeping, grocery shopping, and the doing of laundry.
  • Personal access to the client’s home, making future adjustments to an individual schedule, and contact info for the caregiver.

Once deciding that Visiting Angels will be good for the senior, call and set up an appointment for finalizing the care plan. At this time there’s a scheduled meeting with a certified nurse & personal caregiver. Helping to ease the loved one’s worries and providing peace of mind.

Long Distance Visting Angel Care Services

In today’s world, senior citizens usually live miles away from their family and close friends. But thanks to the Visiting Angels, that will no longer be of worry!

For those who have a loved one living miles away in another city or state, Visiting Angels will help. There are long-distance caregivers waiting to assist with excellent loving care. Like a close friend who not only converses with him/her but also looks after their personal needs. And keeping the individual’s family updated on their progress and overall wellbeing.

As seniors get older they tend to desire warmer climates, thus driving them further away from family! Causing them to worry, especially if the member has health problems. Yet, with the assistance of Visiting Angels, this transitioning will enable them to have a more enjoyable future life. Helping give everyone a sigh of relief!

For those who know of or have an older family member that would benefit from in-home care, please contact a Visiting Angel’s agent coordinator today!

Reach out to them at 1-800-365-4189 or see which location is nearest to their area. After this is established family and friends can get on the Visiting Angel’s website to correspond.

The local Visting Angels agency will respond either by phone or via email. That is the time to ask any questions regarding senior or bring up matters of concern. Such as initial steps to take from this point on.

They’ll provide a one-on-one in-depth consultation between the client and those close at heart! Matching him/her up with a compassionate Visiting Angels caregiver who’ll understand their individual needs. Thus, making for the perfect fit!

After starting in-home care services with Loving Angels the senior’s close relatives and friends can correspond via phone or email. Whether to check on their health or for general questions someone is there 24/7 to answer any and all questions.

Should the senior fall ill a caregiver will notify their family and/or next of kin immediately. Visiting Angels also pay an occasional drop-in visit from time to time. Ensuring client’s overall comfort and wellbeing. If an emergency should arise, they have got an after-hours hotline which is available at all times.

If you know or have someone near and dear that sounds like a good candidate for in-home care services; call Visiting Angels today! The company number is 1-800-365-4189 or visit their website at

For those seeking long-distance in-home care, contact Visiting Angels to find an office in your loved one’s area!