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Senior Services Unlimited Reviews

SSU has been a private home care agency that offers top-quality service to seniors for 28 years. Their costs are reasonable and provide services that supplement Medicare benefits. Plus, the caregiver you get will be bonded and insured and SSU assumes all responsibility that goes with being the employer of those caregivers.

Their professional memberships

To make sure your mind is at ease about the quality of SSU’s care, Senior Services Unlimited are members of 3 professional and business organizations:

  1. The Better Business Bureau of Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois
  2. Eldercare Link (and provider)
  3. Hampton/Chippewa Business Assoc.

The company’s goal is to provide top-level care for all of its clients as well as make sure their care is affordable and reasonable.

Employee Screening

To provide clients and their family members with some peace of mind, the potential employees are sent through a strict screening process to ensure the best candidates are selected. Here are the screening steps they must go through to be employed by SSU:

  1. attend an in-person interview
  2. attend an in-service training conducted by the agency’s nurse
  3. evaluation of resume, work history, references
  4. the employment disqualification list is checked to see if their name appears on it
  5. the employee is bonded

How fast is the employee assigned to a home

The amount of time it takes to get a caregiver into a home depends on the type of service needed. First, the director of Nurses will visit the home and make a care assessment.
Then a care plan is written describing the type of care required and if the care is hourly only then a nurse can arrive the next day. For live-in care, it may take 2 days to get everything ready.

What is the procedure if the caregiver fails to show up or is sick?

Simply call the office and they will immediately begin searching their pool of nurses to see who can fill in for the absent nurse. A family should select a second and third choice for caregivers in order to avoid this situation and be ready in case of an emergency.

If a caregiver does not perform their duties to my satisfaction, what can I do?

It may take a little time to find the perfect match. This means you may have to go through several caregivers until you find the right one. If one is not meeting your expectations, then give their office a call, and they will find another caregiver for you.

Do you provide care on weekends and if so, how much extra will it be?

Yes, caregivers are assigned over the weekend and there will be no extra charge.

SSU’s personal home care services

If you live in the St. Louis area, you can get top-quality care from using their programs and personnel. Their personnel are trained to handle the following services:

  1. personal and hygiene care
  2. nursing duties
  3. meal preparation
  4. medication aid
  5. respite care
  6. shopping, laundry, housekeeping & transportation duties
  7. supervision, reading, writing letters as well as companionship

Their caregivers cover a wide assortment of qualifications:

  1. RN
  2. LPN
  3. CNA
  4. NA
  5. Companions
  6. Housekeepers

There is no contract needed and you can and will be billed on a weekly basis. With a large pool of carefully screened and tested pool of nurses, you will get the best care possible.

All nurses are covered under Workman’s Compensation and are supervised by an agency nurse. If you live in St. Louis city or the counties of St. Louis, Franklin, Jefferson, & Washington then you can take advantage of their quality care services.

There is also a dementia care program called Blossom with Love and it is a person-centered program. This program helps the patient in the following ways:

  1. safety
  2. emotional health
  3. pain control
  4. overall patient experience

Because SSU and its staff understand the difficulties that come with aging, they help you meet those challenges and to make aging issues easier on the family members. Then because SSU wants its clients to be safe when they return home and be prepared for long-term home health care, they send a nurse to make home visits and try to meet the needs of their clients. This helps protect the clients in the first month after discharge.