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Premiere In Home Health Care Reviews

Premiere Home Health is a home health care agency which prides itself on the boutique experience that it gives to its clients. We are privately owned and ensure that all clients get the individual care that they need, delivered by talented professionals. Care can be provided in the home or in an assisted living community. When a care plan is being established, an evaluation will be carried out by a registered nurse and also by a therapist if necessary. The client’s doctor will also be contacted so that they can have some input into developing the care plan.

Mission Statement

The aim of Premiere Home Health is to offer a boutique experience that helps the client take care of their mind, body and soul. We recognize that illnesses can be complex and that there are many different factors that care plans need to address. This includes delivering the care that is needed, taking physical and cognitive limitations into account and addressing any financial concerns.

Services Offered By Premiere Home Health

– Medical social work

– Speech therapy

– Assistance with bathing

– Physical therapy

– Occupational therapy

– Skilled nursing

Premiere Home Health Service Area

We cover the St. Louis City, St. Charles and the counties of Lincoln, Warren, Jefferson, St. Louis, Washington and Franklin.

Who Is Responsible For Paying Home Care Bills?

The entire cost of home health care is often covered by medical insurance. This is usually the case if you are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, managed or private health insurance. The reason for this is because home care has been shown to be effective in helping patients or live independently, recover from illness or injury and remain in general good health. All this can help to reduce the need for lengthy stays in hospital.

Talk To Us For More Information

We can answer all of your questions, whether you need care for yourself or another member of your family. If you do decide to use our service, then we can take of all the paperwork for you. This includes liaising with the client’s doctor and getting authorization from the insurance company. We can also meet the family of the person requiring care in person so we can address any questions or concerns.

McKnight Place

Premiere Home Health always take the needs of the individual into account when devising the care plan. We provide specialist support that can always be relied on when needed.


The service that we offer our clients is available 24 hours a day, every day. Our CEO and administrator are always personally available during office hours to any questions that clients or their family may have.


You will be assigned an RN case manager on the day that your care begins, and the same team will provide this care so you always see a familiar face. Everyone that provides care is employed by us and we do not outsource any services.


We constantly monitor the health of well-being of our clients so we can update the care plan if necessary. It is important to our whole team that clients are happy and healthy.

Employee Empowerment

We only hire nurses and therapists that are excellent at what they do to ensure that we provide the best care. They can work with physicians to develop a care plan and put it in place.

Solution Orientated

We understand that clients want to carry on living their lives as normally as possible. We will always try and come up with solutions that can make this a reality.