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Merit Home Health Care Reviews

Lydia Killoran is the managing member of Merit Home Health Care which is located in St. Louis. Her motivation in developing the company came from personal experiences that she had in arranging care for her parents.

She was the youngest of seven siblings and was the only one still living in St. Louis when her parents started to experience problems with their health. She had recently begun a career in home care and started caring for her parents as well. The services that Merit Home Health Care offer allow clients to stay as independent as possible and enable them to remain in their own home.

She has been caring for her father for fifteen years when he was diagnosed with dementia in 2004. Despite this diagnosis, he remained living at home for the next nine years before he sadly passed. Her mother still receives care from Merit today and she is proud to be part of the organization that provided so much help to her family.

The experience with her father also made her realize how important it is for families to be able to access affordable care. Fortunately, they were able to claim Veteran’s aid to help pay for their care costs, but if they had needed to pay for care from a private agency, then they still would have struggled. Merit Home Health Care receives a lot of calls from families who are worried about being able to meet the costs of care. They may not qualify for any aid programs, or their income may be slightly too high to get any help from Medicaid. However, even though they are told they will be able to afford the fees that private agencies charge, in reality, this is just not the case.

Killoran believes that everyone should have access to the care that they need, without having to worry about money. Merit Home Health Care are committed to helping those who may have been turned away elsewhere because they can’t afford the fees. They continue to provide the highest quality care so that your loved ones are able to age with dignity in their own homes. This is something that they will stick to for as long as Lydia Killoran is involved with the organization.