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Elite Home Health Care Reviews

Elite Home Health Care

Elite Home Health Care is committed to providing personal care that will help your loved one or you live a happier, more independent life. Elite Home Health Care believes family values are important. Our first priority is to provide trustworthy, trained professionals who can perform services that you can trust this Home Health Care.

Senior adults can continue to live independently at home, regardless of whether they are suffering from an injury or illness. This can cover a broad range of services, and often delays the need for long-term nursing home. Home health care can include occupational and speech therapy, skilled nursing, and speech therapy. This may include helping seniors with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, and eating. This can include help with cooking, cleaning, or other housekeeping.

It is crucial to know the differences between home healthcare and home care services. Home health care can include some home care services but it is still medical. Home care services can include housecleaning and chores, while home health care is usually about helping someone recover from an injury or illness. Many home health care professionals can be licensed as therapists, practical nurses, or home health aides.

HCY Program

The HCY Program allows MO HealthNet beneficiaries with special health needs to be able to coordinate and authorize medically required services. It is available from birth through 21. Service coordination involves assessment via home visits and links with services and resources that allow participants to stay safely at home with their families, including skilled nursing visits.

Consumer Directed Services

Consumer Directed Services (CDS), which provides assistance for individuals with disabilities aged 18 or older who can self-direct their care, is available. The Consumer can hire a personal care attendant to help with daily tasks and any other tasks that they are unable to do alone. This allows them to remain independent. The Consumer will hire, select, train, and manage the personal care attendant. Personal hygiene, dressing, grooming and bathing are some of the daily activities. They also need to take care of their housekeeping and meal preparation. Elite Home Health Care is the fiscal agent/provider for the Consumer and handles the Consumer’s payroll.