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Deer Valley Home Health Care Reviews

Located in the Greater St. Louis and the St. Charles MO area, Deer Valley has made it its mission to provide a wide range of home health care services to its residents and neighbors. Whether you or someone you love have need of our services – we’re here to help enhance your quality of life and give you a helping hand!

A Familiar Place

It has been shown, time and time again, that when anyone who needs our services is not only able to stay in their community but within their home, then they feel more comfortable, more able to relax. All of this translates to a better outcome, particularly when they receive any new medical treatments. This is due to its effect on their mental health in particular – and it’s just something that is true. Our senior citizens who are able to live in their own homes and receive the majority of treatments either in their home or for short appointments at the hospital live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Alternatives to a Facility

Despite the truth in the idea of senior citizens living longer, happier lives outside of nursing homes and hospitals, sometimes you just don’t have a choice and have to put your loved one in a long term care health facility. But this is where Deer Valley Home Health Services comes in handy – allowing your loved one to remain at home while still receiving the vital health care that they need helps them live longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Not only does it provide them with the familiarity of their setting, but also the comfort and ease and ability to relax. This is the single biggest difference in the quality of life they will now enjoy.

Deer Valley’s Mission

We at Deer Valley Home Health Services remain committed to bringing a wide range of home health services directly into the homes of the people of the St. Charles area and St. Louis Metropolitan. Not only are we professional, but we pride ourselves on our compassion to those we serve.

Our Clients’ Needs

We recognize and are glad for the fact that each client is different and has different needs and desires. Here at Deer Valley, we are very proud of the fact that we tailer our services to fit with the individual client, with the goal of meeting their needs on a personal level. We give each client our undivided attention and work with them face to face. No matter who they are, when they are with us, they are treated like family.

Our Founder

Ada Taylor established the Deer Valley Home Health Services in 2005. She iss known for establishing the Ol’Henry Restaurant and was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1952. Since then, she has been leaving her stamp all over her home city!

Ms. Taylor was well known for her compassion and empathy, so it was no surprise to those that knew her, when her career path led her to nursing, teaching (of which she won many awards), and finally, home health administration.

The Deer Valley Home Health Services company was first run out of Ms. Taylor’s home, with two clients. Deer Valley did not remain small for long, as her compassion and empathy, coupled with her business acumen, soon meant that she had over one thousand clients to take care of. Today, Deer Valley has three locations – Saint Charles, North County, and South City.

The Ol’Henry Restuarant was established in 2014, as a tribute to her late husband (Chef Henry Taylor), and known for its “Taylor” made food.

Not only did Ms. Taylor’s leadership style and resourcefulness cause two separate organizations to recognize her as Business Woman of the Year, but also her empathy and generosity to her community.

Currently, she is right in the middle of new plans to create a new division of her business – the Deer Valley Hospice Care center. She also has plans to establish a ten-bedroom facility to care for those with Alzheimer’s in North County.

Importance of Community

When anyone has to be moved into an assisted living facility, it can be hard to keep a positive attitude or outlook on life. That is why the option of home care is so important, as it allows your loved one to stay within their home, among their family and friends, and in their own community. Compared to the isolation that everyone experiences in a treatment facility, being connected to friends and family is very important and beneficial to their overall quality of life.

Positive Experiences

Deer Valley Home Health Services offers more than just a product range – we are proud to offer specialized customer service to each and every one of our clients. Whatever problems you have, or a need that you want – we will be right there, helping you get exactly what you want.

Board of Directors

Deer Valley makes sure to choose those who have a long history of serving their community, to join their board of directors. It is that attention to this process that has brought many different types of people to offer their thoughts and ideas from interesting and unique situations.

  • Ada Taylor – CEO and Owner
    • Ada Taylor established Deer Valley Home Health Services in 2005, following a long career in nursing and teaching – which finally led her to home health administration.
    • She is also known for establishing the Ol’Henry Restaurant in 2014, for her late husband, Chef Henry Taylor.
  • Debra Jones – CFO
    • Debra handles the strategic efforts related to cost-benefit analysis, budget management, forecasting needs, and any fundraising efforts.
  • Lyn Belton – Human Resources Director
    • Not only is she the head of Human Resources, but she handles employee relations, oversees the HR systems, budgeting, staffing needs, regulation compliance, develops compensation plans and training programs, and hires new employees as needed.
  • Chrissy Hych-Jones – Compliance Manager
    • She ensures that Deer Valley is in compliance with state and federal regulations, regarding in home health care. Not only that, but she communicates the ethics and legality of such regulations to the employees in a clear, easy to understand format, on a regular basis.
  • Cynthia Allen-Bryant – Clinical Nurse Supervisor
    • Cynthia is overall the head of the nursing program – as she develops and trains the nurses, schedules in reviews makes sure that clients are happy and satisfied, as well as ensures that all regulations, procedures, standards, and policies are being met by staff.