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Cooperative Home Care Reviews

At Cooperative Health Care, we are proud of the legacy we have developed. It is a legacy where we have helped thousands of disabled individuals and older adults to maintain their standard of living. If you take the time to learn our story, we believe you will gain an appreciation of all of the things we do to help people at home. Our genuine commitment to going the extra mile is not just job-related, but it is a way of life as well.

As our founder, Fran Sontag had a lot of drive and determination to help people who were overlooked and who could not be an advocate for themselves. With this goal in mind, she began her career by providing in-house education for a group of ten disabled young adults. She served them with incredible zeal, but she quickly realized that additional in-house services would be a tremendous benefit to them. Sontag, first of all, looked to see what was missing in their daily lives. She realized that meeting their needs for meal preparation, showering, and dressing was needed because it would help them further their educational needs. This is why she partnered with her son-in-law Mitch Waks to establish Cooperative Attendant Service in 1986. Mitch had the vision to expand right from the beginning. Thus, the two of them made a great team and they knew that they could help an immense amount of people be fully independent in their living environments.

As the years went by, Cooperative Health Care grew, expanding to envelop several Missouri Medicaid services and mental health department services. They soon were able to add offices in St. Louis and the surrounding area. They purchased All-Staff Nursing in 1991. This Illinois health staffing company went along to expanding its services. It was in 2005 that Cooperative Attendant Service became known as Cooperative Home Care, the name it is known as today. This consortium now has five offices in Missouri and Illinois and they are now fully licensed to private Medicare home and private healthcare.

In 2012, Cooperative Home Care Inc underwent a reorganization so they could include every service under their corporation name. They also expanded their Medicaid-funded services once again; this time they included Consumer Directed Services. This branch of the company came in handy for many of their clients simply because it enabled them to hire and pay the loved ones of their choice as their caregivers. Cooperative Home Care also was proud to become a Community Health Accreditation Partner (CHAP) in February 2016.
One of the main reasons that Cooperative Home Care continues to grow is because they realize the needs of vulnerable individuals. They realize that if either you or a family member need some extra help at home, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, regardless of socioeconomic status. This is why Cooperative Home Care continues to be committed to helping individuals that may have limited financial resources within the community. Cooperative Home Care is also committed to helping people acquire any type of private or public home care funding. Their motto has always been, “Any Funding, Any Amount of Care, Any Service.” They are committed to helping everyone who contacts them, and they pride themselves on being able to help their clients without them having to switch companies.

The Cooperative Care team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals. They fully understand just how important it is to provide consistent and compassionate care. Along these same lines, they also understand just how much a person’s life can be turned upside down when they are diagnosed with a sudden and chronic illness. This is why their Intake Nurse is always ready to answer any questions a potential client might have. They can tell you how home care works and how to pay for it concisely. They can also alert you to all of their affordable Value Packages that are fully customizable for all of your needs.

This is one of the main reasons why Cooperative Home Care, Inc. celebrated its 30th year in business in 2016. We commemorated this milestone by our “Serving and Celebrating in Our 30th Year” campaign, which consisted of 33 service projects and 426 service hours. We will never stop working for you!