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Brookdale Senior Living Reviews

Brookdale Senior Living is an agency that provides services which are delivered by a team of experienced health professionals. Every patient is given an individual care plan that aims to help them retain their independence.
Brookdale offers a full range of home health services which includes the following.

– Social Work

– Occupational Therapy

– Speech Therapy

– Home Health Aides

– Skilled Nursing

– Physical Therapy

Brookdale serves both St. Louis and Creve Coeur as well as surrounding areas. One of the things that sets it apart from other providers is the vast range of services that it offers. Some of these services are listed below.

Nursing Services

– Injections

– Assessment after a change in medical condition

– Monitoring after medication changes

– Diabetes management

– Wound care

– Injections

– Catheter maintenance


– Providing adaptive and assistance equipment

– Home management skills

– Retraining in activities of daily life (ADL)

– Neurological rehab after a stroke or brain injury

– Orthopedic rehab after fractures or joint replacements

– Balance disorders

Rehabilitation & Safety

– Transitional care

– Low vision programs

– Stroke management and rehabilitation

– Pulmonary rehabilitation

– Cardiac rehabilitation

– Fall prevention programs

Medical Social Workers

– Placement planning

– Community resource planning

Home Health Aides

– Personal care

– Assistance with bathing

There are several benefits that Brookdale Senior Living offers including:

– 15,000 patients are served every day and they all receive quality care which is administered with compassion.

– They operate home health services in over 30 locations throughout the United States.

– They have over 40 years of experience in this industry.

– The fact that they have a national network means that support is always available.

What Is Brookdale Home Health?

Brookdale Home Health is fully owned by Brookdale Senior Living. It provides the services that are offered in their senior living communities in the comfort of patient’s own homes. It can be used to give you more independence in your home, or when you have returned from a stay in hospital or other medical facility.

They carry out an assessment of patient’s needs so they can provide the right level of care. They also work with the patient’s doctor so a complete care plan can be put in place.

How Is Brookdale Home Health Paid For?

Home health services can be paid for by Medicare. 80% of expenses can be paid by Medicare Part B, with the person receiving the care paying the other 20%. There are some situations where Medicare Part A can meet the entire cost of care.

– Home health services are deemed medically necessary and have been ordered by a physician

– Skilled care from a licensed professional is required

– Short-term intermittent care is needed

– The patient is home bound

Most insurances are accepted by Brookdale and they will contact a patient’s insurance company before services begin.

Who Is Brookdale Home Health For?

Home health services can be used by people who may be experiencing the following:
– Being at a risk of falling

– Concerns over mobility and safety

– Recently hospitalized

– Recently diagnosed with an illness

– Requiring assistance to leave home

– Concerns about remaining independent at home

– Needing help with medical needs

– Changes in overall health

– Changes in medication

– Needing help with medication

What Services Are Covered By Medicare?

Medicare Part B will only cover therapy services, home health and nursing services are not covered. Medicare Part A will cover a wider range of services which includes:

– skilled nursing visits

– physical therapy

– occupational therapy

– social work

– speech therapy

– home health aides to assist with bathing twice a week