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Assistance Home Care Reviews

It is only natural that you may start to worry about the well-being of your parents or grandparents as they get older. People to tend to have more freedom when they get older, but they can also face challenges where they may need a little more help. It is important for their mental health that they do not get too lonely.

Assistance Home Care serves the greater St. Louis area and can help your senior family members with any care needs that they may have. Our caregivers build up real relationships with their clients and provide them with company and emotional support. We serve St. Charles, St. Louis, Lincoln and Warren County as well as all surrounding areas. The full range of services that we offer can be found below.

Companion Care

– Providing friendship and conversation. Encouraging socialization and offering support. – Encourage participation in hobbies, providing support where needed.

– Encourage exercise and time spent out of the house participating in activities.

– Helping to maintain correspondence with family and friends.

Personal Care

– Assisting and supervising movement in order to prevent falls.

– Assistance with dressing and grooming.

– Ensuring bathing takes place safely.

– Assistance with general hygiene.

– Assistance with preparing food and feeding.

– Providing reminders about appointments and taking medication.

Assistance Home Care

Household Support

– Preparing meals to meet the clients dietary needs.

– Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen after they have been used.

– Dusting and vacuuming where required.

– Washing linens and personal items for the client.

– Changing bed clothes and making the bed.

– Monitoring the safety of the home and making recommendations if changes are needed.

– Making appointments with physicians and driving the client to these appointments.

– Shopping and other household errands.

– Transportation to social activities, visits with friends or religious services.

We understand that although people may need a little extra help around the home, this is still the place that they want to stay. Our caregivers can enable them to do this while providing care of the highest quality. They will provide your loved ones with encouragement and dignity, whether they just need extra help as they age, or are recovering after a hospital stay. Assistance Home Care can be arranged quickly and easily and we are flexible in order to meet the specific needs of your loved ones. If your relative has a medical need, then they will be cared for by our Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) or Home Health Aides (HHA).

In order to ensure that we fully understand your care needs, we will carry out a full at home assessment. This means we are able to create a care plan that has all the services that the client needs and wants. We want to empower our clients so that they are able to live as independently as possible. We can tailor the level of support that we offer, so that clients get the help that they need, but are also able to remain independent.

Seniors that are able to remain in their own homes tend to be more physically active and socially engaged. This improves their overall well-being but it is important that they still feel safe and nurtured in their home. This is something that Assistance Home Care is able to provide. You can call us at any time of the day or night and we will always be there. The safety of our clients is our primary concern and we will always do all we can to ensure that they remain safe and well cared for. We understand that when your loved ones are happy, this is reassuring for the whole family.

When Assistance Home Care was founded, the main aim of the company was to allow seniors to be able to age in their own home so that they can remain in surroundings that they are familiar with. Our care services and home maker services provide clients with the support that they need, but also provide them with a degree of independence. Our agency is unique because we are actively involved in establishing a care plan for our residents so we can be sure that they are getting all the support that they require. Caring for your loved one is as important to Assistance Health Care as it is to you.