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Offer Virtual Tours For Your Clients

How Virual Tours can create a marketing advantage for your facility during these days of social distancing

There is no question that the move to social distancing will change your approaches to marketing and communications with clients, even beyond the pandemic.

The apparent demand to transition to long-term living may seem to have plummeted in some areas due to anxieties around the novel coronavirus.

In reality, though, there are clients out there who desperately need to make their move, and still others compelled to shop more thoroughly than they might have in previous times.

But how can they visit your facility? Click here for free report!

The Solution: Offer Virtual Tours!

In less than two months, the real estate industry has increased its use of virtual tours has been estimated to have more than quadrupled — and it’s still climbing. So, much like all interaction in the age of COVID-19, long-term care facility touring is now moving online, and we can help.

Once you are ready to accept clients, we can invite potential clients who visit our site to virtually tour your facility at a time convenient for both.

Video-chat tours
benefits you and your clients

Video touring allows clients and their family members to see your facility in a way that is most convenient for them – from the comfort of their office desk, kitchen table or couch. No travel required. No stress about proximity to strangers.

Video-chat tours
are here to stay

And even if the restrictions of this COVID-19 ease up, benefits of live video-chat tours will still be especially useful to clients who may be unable to drive due to personal physical constraints, or who have difficulty obtaining transportation in general.

Save Your Clients
Time and travel

Finally, touring virtually can pare back the time it takes for clients to find the ideal place to call home.

Why you should choose us

The ElderCareChannel has already built the trust clients need in this difficult process of finding longterm care:

  • We develop a longterm relationship with our clients who we know would like to have a virtual tour of your facility!
  • We are motivated in placing clients in the highest quality care they choose
  • Our care is not limited to the referral process
  • We offer online stimulating activities and education that can continue well after their placement
  • We can provide referrals letting you concentrate on your busy tasks