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Life Care Center of St. Louis

Life Care Center of St. Louis is located within the central part of the city. It is one of the premier nursing facilities within the state of Missouri. Life Care Center is conveniently located within the central part of town about 3 miles from the Barnes Jewish Hospital and the Washington University School of Medicine. The facility is designed for short-term rehabilitation processes, long-term care, and post-operative care.

Life Care Center focuses on neurological and cardiac rehabilitation treatments. However, they also provide 24-hour skilled nursing care, inpatient and outpatient procedures, and an array of medical services that will help people in different medical stages to recover.

The nursing staff, physical therapists, doctors, and other medical personnel work together as a team to provide high-quality care. They focus on long-term solutions for patients to ensure they’re receiving the best outcome. The medical staff at Life Care Center also do their best to make patients feel right at home. This individualized care approach and personal touch is necessary for helping patients to get through this experience in the best way possible.
Remember, each patient at Life Care Center will have a comprehensive care plan that will help them to achieve their treatment goals. This is not only important to the patient, but it also helps the medical staff to perform their job without question, confusion, or hesitation. Family members of patients will also find this treatment model useful when their loved ones are recovering.

Services Offered by Life Care Center of St. Louis

Life Care Center offers a wide variety of rehabilitation services. They include (but are not limited to) wound care, diabetes management, cardiovascular treatment options, and infection management. Patients can also receive IV therapy, medication management, and post-surgical care. Life Care Center also assists with fall treatment, social services, and other medical concerns that a patient might have. Don’t forget that there are many more services offered by this organization.

The Importance of Rehabilitation Services Offered by Life Care Center of St. Louis

Rehabilitating from a fall or injury can be a frustrating and/or complicated experience. No person wants to feel limited or useless after experiencing some sort of accident or medical illness. Life Care Center understands this. This is why they work hard at getting patients back to their normal self.
Life Care Center uses physical, speech, and occupational therapists to help formalize a good rehabilitation plan. Each of these different individuals will determine what would be the best approach with a patient’s care. You should also know that these specialists want all their patients to achieve independence through their care. This simply means that patients should be able to function on their own after they received aid from their medical team.

Please remember that the physical therapists at Life Care Center will help patients with chronic disease issues. Occupational therapists will help patients with issues related to mobility and bodily systems related to extremity function. Speech therapists are needed for patients who suffer from injuries or diseases that impair a person’s ability to speak, think, and resolving issues. As always, there are qualified and competent physicians, nurses, and assistants on hand to ensure the proper care.

The Amenities Offered by Life Care Center of St. Louis

Top-quality service is extremely important for patients, but they should also enjoy some amenities as well. Life Care Center provides amenities such as 24-hour security, daily activity schedules, fine dining, pet visitation, flexible visiting hours, counseling for patients and their family members, library, housekeeping services, fine dining, cable TV hookup, internet, transportation services, and religious services. There are many more great features offered to the residents and patients of this facility. Life Care Center goes out of its way to ensure that every patient is given the best care possible.