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What to Expect When Your Loved One Needs Home Healthcare

It can be difficult to have an aging loved one. We all have our own lives to live, and even if you have the spare time to tend to your loved one’s personal needs, meeting their medical needs can be another matter altogether. If this is the situation for you and your loved one, it may be time to seek out home healthcare. In-home healthcare, despite sounding quite similar to home care, has little in common with the day to day responsibilities required. Home care entails activities of daily life, such as meal preparation, bathing, transportation, and general companionship, while home healthcare specifically refers to the medical requirements of your loved one. While home care can be fulfilled by a family member, an aide, or any trusted layperson who’s not afraid of getting hands-on with difficult situations, home healthcare can only be administered by a medical professional of some kind.

Now that you are aware of just how different these services are, let’s narrow our focus to home healthcare exclusively. Just what is required of a home healthcare worker? What won’t the worker do? What should you be looking for when approaching a home healthcare agency like Eldercare Channel? Let’s get these issues out in the open so you know what to expect if and when you and your loved one are thrust into such a position.

First, what level of home healthcare does your loved one need? Does your loved one need to take medications regularly? Do they need injections or an IV drip? Will they need physical therapy? Do they need routine medical tests? Do they require specialized medical equipment that needs to be inspected and maintained? You’ll need to ask yourself these and other important questions about your loved one’s medical needs in order to accurately convey the medical qualifications they will require in a home healthcare worker. Keep in mind that the more qualifications and requirements you ask of a worker, the more training and education they will have to have undergone, increasing the overall cost to you. Luckily, Medicare may be able to cover some or all of this expense, depending on your state of residence and personal financial situation.

Speaking of expense, it’s worth considering how well your home healthcare worker is compensated by you or their company. Though it’s hard to consider that money might be a factor in how well your loved one is cared for, the fact of the matter is they have their own lives outside of their employment, and that life can creep into your home and their treatment of your loved one. Consider that for most people, being paid the minimum expected confers the minimum effort required. How well could you concentrate on caring for another person if your financial problems, and the related fallout thereof, were piling up around you? It’s important for a home healthcare worker to have their personal needs and expenses attended to and well-controlled so that they can provide the highest-quality healthcare to your loved one.

But what issues does your home healthcare worker face? Are they worried about their kids at school? Their spouse at home or at work? Maybe they have their own loved ones who need their own care. But in some cases, not all these issues are above board. Your home healthcare worker could, goodness forbid, a criminal record or other problems with the law. Though it may feel rude and invasive, it is worth talking to your home healthcare agency about how they vet their staff. After all, you’ll be welcoming this person into your or your loved one’s home and having them care for a physically or emotionally vulnerable individual. Security and trust are paramount to your peace of mind and your loved one’s safety. Many agencies, like Eldercare Channel, have thorough and secure vetting processes to ensure you meet only the finest and most trustworthy home healthcare workers. However, if the agency you have selected does not perform background checks or have a similar vetting process, it may be worth looking for a different service.

There are myriad factors that come into play when considering who will provide your loved one their much-needed home healthcare, so consider your options carefully. The team at Eldercare Channel are happy to consult with you and your loved one in person on your own terms, in order to ensure an amicable relationship built on trust. After all, your loved one deserves the best care from professionals you can trust.