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How to Reduce Your Parent’s Chances of Falling

Exercising such as walking and muscle strengthening, and perhaps balance and stretching exercises too can actually help mitigate or even prevent the effects of osteoarthritis. And there is a strong link between osteoarthritis and falls, though this is one of many reasons. But to point out a few interesting facts: One 2009 study reported in...
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Long-term Care Talking Points

Chances are, if you are approaching your 50s, you might have a parent in their 70s who may be at risk of requiring eventual long-term care. If you are like most people, you’d probably delay any thoughts about imagining them needing long-term care sometime in the future. That is, until one day, like me, you...
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Maximizing Health into Older Age

If you calculated your lifespan online (like here: you might be lucky and unlucky. You might be lucky to see you may live to 80 or more. But unlucky if you are not planning on staying healthy into retirement and become unhealthy for years. This could be hard on you emotionally, but also financially....
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