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Algonquin Nurses Home Health Care

Home care services are often needed by some patients once they leave a hospital setting. People who need ongoing care typically have this service offered to them. Algonquin Nurses Home Health Care is a home care facility that provides this type of assistance to at-home patients. This service is set up to help patients in their homes. It has been designed around their specific needs and their unique illness, disorder, or injury.

Services Provided by Algonquin Nurses Home Health Care

Algonquin Nurses Home provides services such as private duty nurses or through the Missouri Medicaid program called MO-Health Net. Patients and/or their families pay for the services of private duty nurses. These individuals will visit patients in-home during a scheduled time. Low-income and vulnerable patients can use the MO-Health Net to receive free or discounted services. Algonquin will work with patients who need to sign up for the MO-Health Net program.

The Department of Health, Senior Services, and Division of Senior and Disability Services provide medical assistance to MO-Health Net users. VA Attended and Home Chore programs are also available. Algonquin wants to make sure that people in need are getting the best care possible. This is why they work with different members of state and local governments to bring the best service possible.

The company serves the elderly, young kids, disabled individuals, and low-income residents. Each of these different groups of people is generally at risk for medical-related issues and problems. Algonquin wants to make sure that everyone is getting the medical assistance and help they need to remain healthy.

Areas of Missouri Served by Algonquin

Algonquin serves different parts of Missouri and they include St. Louis County, the city of St. Louis, St. Charles County, Lincoln County, Warren County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County.

Some Things you Should know about Algonquin Nursing Care

Algonquin can typically send out nurses any time a patient must have their service. However, the nurses cannot stay in a patient’s home overnight. Missouri law prohibits this action. However, patients can receive this service by purchasing it through Algonquin’s Private Support Division.
A patient using MO-Health Net can only receive a certain amount of service hours. The number of hours will be determined by the Department of Health, Senior Services, and Division of Senior and Disability Services. Once they make their recommendations based on a patient’s need, the hours will be then allocated to the patient. If a change in hours is needed patients can call 866-835-3505. The number 314-822-8158 (Algonquin Nurses Staffing Division) can also be contacted to find out more information about hours and scheduling.

Finally, don’t forget that Algonquin provides other programs such as the Veterans Administration Homemaker Chore Program, Aids Waiver Program, Healthy Child Youth (HYC), and the Private Support Division. Each of these services makes it easier and more practical for patients to receive care in their homes.