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What to look for in an adult day care program

It is never a good idea to ignore our duties to members of our family or older adults who are unable to support themselves. Adult daycare programs specialize in proving support to these individuals most in need. We have the best trained and verified personnel who are able to support your needs.

If you get in touch with us, we will assess the kind of service you require and discuss what services or a combination thereof can be provided. There are three levels of primary support. The first is physical support in a secure environment, the second is psychological support and the third is medical support. Though these treatments are distinct every individual requires a combination of all three to some extent.

We are experts in recommending these treatments and tailor our services to suit the needs of each individual so they can receive the very best help.

At our recommended adult day care providers, both physical and psychological counseling is provided as needed. We have fully trained professionals to help in particular with back or neck pain. If there are unsettling thoughts or a desire to harm oneself we have trained psychological counselors and therapists who can provide full psychological support to the individual. Based on our experience we have found that the problem itself does not matter as much as the ability to make the person feel at home and to sincerely convey that people are there to help. The counselors first establish a plan of action for the issue and then execute the plan specific to the person’s exact needs. They should also provide the family reports of how the senior is performing during the sessions and in general how their well-being is impacted. The counselor’s main purpose is to improve an adults quality of life by maintaining their independence.

If a family member is in need of medical care, a day care center can provide you with a physician and get your family member the medication and treatments they need. The senior may often need physical therapy which is often included at the daycare facility. Physical Therapists also help the seniors exercise under supervision which makes them active and improves mood and concentration.

In addition to this, the health care services can include occupational and speech therapy. Often the centers will have an on-site nursing staff as well. Some of the centers even have dieticians and Alzheimer’s experts on premises.

For more information or tips and tricks, please contact us and we can match you with the perfect adult day care program near you. We only work with the very best providers that are thoroughly vetted by our physicians.