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Adult Daycare Tips and Tricks

St. Louis adult daycares are designed to provide care for older adults who need assistance or supervision during the day. This allows family members to be able to go to work and attend to their personal business freely. They don’t have to worry about their family members while they’re in a proper adult daycare, as they participate in various activities and receive assistance. The goal of these types of programs is to prevent or delay institutionalization by providing care by enhancing self-esteem and encouraging socialization amongst the group. An adult day care center can help these adults get to know each other and make new friends.

There exist two types of adult day cares—social daycare and health daycare. Social day care provides social activities, food, and limited health services, while health daycare has a greater focus on healthcare, providing therapeutic and social services for individuals with serious medical conditions. An adult daycare center is one of the best places to keep your family member, whether you have a full schedule or just need an extra helping hand.

At St. Louis adult daycares, both physical and psychological counseling is provided as needed. These trained professionals can with back or neck pain, unsettling thoughts or a desire to harm oneself. Counselors can set you up with therapists, physicians, and personal teachers. It matters not what problems these adults have, as counselors are there to support them every step of the way. They can help you establish a plan of action for whatever you may need assistance with. The counselor’s main purpose is to improve an adult’s quality of life by maintaining their independence, as well as providing a safe environment and emotional support.

If your family member is in need of medical care, the daycare can provide you with a physician and get your family member the medication that they need. Perhaps your adult may need physical therapy which, an amenity provided to all members. Our physical therapists help you exercise and get your adult’s body up and running, getting them active and helping them feel younger. Whatever the need is for the member, the daycare will have it available for them.

The majority of St. Louis adult day care centers are open weekly during normal business hours. These are the 3 most common types of adult day care:

  • The social day care model gives recreation, food, social activities, regular entertainment, and basic health care provisions
  • The medical model provides many of the same as above but adds occupational, speech, and physical therapy, on-site nurses, medical monitoring, dieticians and social works to help the patient and family in maximizing available resources and helping to plan for the future.
  • The 3rd type provides these services to specific audiences, such as those with Alzheimer’s, hearing loss or veterans.

This is but a brief overview of the services adult day care can offer. For more information, contact your local adult day care center and ask about what they can do to help you and your family members today. Make sure to have any relevant medical and legal documentation at hand to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.