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Adult Day Care Centers in St. Louis

St. Louis Adult Day Care Centers

Senior Couple Enjoying Meal Together

The main objective of adult day care centers is to provide professional care to older adults who need to be supervised to get help during the day. This is very helpful to other family members who are working or want to run several errands during the daytime hours. Being a professional day care center for adults, these centers have professional workers who offer reliable support to elder adults. This helps other family members have peace of mind working or doing other daily chores knowing that their loved ones are in capable hands. There are also other older adults at these facilities making it possible for the elders to socialize and make new friends.

Most often there are two types of adult care providers: social and health day care centers. Social day care primarily provides social services like food and limited health activities. On the other hand, health day care centers mainly focus on healthcare by providing social and therapeutic services to older adults who have medical conditions. If you have a senior who cannot properly take care of him or herself while you are busy at work, you should consider taking them to one of these centers. Care can be provided both full or part-time depending on your schedule and what the senior would prefer. For instance, you can have him/her in a daycare center at all times or they can be dropped off at your convenience.

The St. Louis Adult daycare centers provide both psychological counseling and physical assistance as needed. This means that the professionals will evaluate the senior adult to determine what he or she truly needs and then provide those services for maximum effectiveness. These professionals can offer a variety of services from neck and back pain management or even psychological support for stress and anxiety. Even if they cannot help you directly at the center, they often contract with external medical experts to address those problems. The main goal of the daycare centers is to provide a safe and stable environment aimed at improving the elders daily quality of life.

Most daycare centers are open weekly during normal business hours to help those who are working or need an occasional helping hand. As a recap, Here are the two most common types of adult day care:

  1. The social day care model – as described before, these offer social activities, meals, basic health care, and regular entertainment
  2. The medical model – While also providing the social activities, this model often offers speech, occupational and physical therapies, medical monitoring, on-site nurses, dieticians and more.

If you have a loved older adult that requires day care services in the St. Louis area, we can help match you to our doctor vetted partners at no cost. This is one of our top services provided at Eldercare Channel and would love to help your loved ones find the perfect fit for their adult day care needs.