About Us - Elder Care Channel

Dr. William Dunn is a cancer specialist, with a special interest in family intergenerational health and well-being.
He is the author of the “Aquavore Diet” which emphasizes the natural water content in foods for maximum health.

After Dr. Dunn and his sister experienced a critical time in their parents’ lives with little information to go on, he decided he wanted to help others, especially in his position with multi-generations (the “sandwich” generation) to be better prepared and informed.

Eldercare Channel is dedicated to matching caregivers with elderly loved ones while ensuring professionalism and compassion. Eldercare Channel also provides many helpful articles for loved ones and caregivers to educate themselves on the healthcare issues the elderly face every day.

Reading the articles on this site will give members of the sandwich generation more information on how to avoid some of the pitfalls of aging and help them navigate the difficult, unavoidable parts. The tips and suggestions found throughout are invaluable to anyone with aging parents or even members of their extended family. Eldercare Channel even offers a free, in-home care checklist to keep any concerned child from feeling helpless when caring for their elderly loved one.