St Louis Altenheim Care Home


Boutique Living For Seniors At Affordable Rates



One of the most striking features of the St. Louis Altenheim is the location. The residence is situated on the banks of the Mississippi in the Carondelet neighborhood. There are several different types of care that are offered at the Altenheim including memory care, supported living, skilled care and independent living. They also offer respite care so that caregivers can get a short break from their caring responsibilities.



The US News and World Report recognize the Altenheim as one of the best care homes in the nation. This is down to the high standards of care that is provided and the professionalism of the staff.



Flexible Care For All Residents



A full range of services are offered to all patients depending on their needs. Each resident will be fully assessed so they can get the care services that they need. If their needs change during their time with us, then they services they are offered can be adapted. This also helps to reassure the families of the person being cared for that they will always be looked after.



Boutique Living At Reasonable Prices



The Altenheim offers great value for money in all aspects of retirement living. Most of our services are included in the fee and so there are no extra charges to pay.



Independent Living



Independent living at the Altenheim means that are residents have a full program of activities every day that they are able to participate in if they choose. They have all the amenities that they need and will be living in beautiful surroundings.



Supportive Living



If our residents need extra support in some areas, then this is something we are able to take care of. This includes personal care, managing medication and laundry.



Respite Care


People are able to stay at the Altenheim for a short period while their usual caregiver has a short break. This is also an opportunity to experience the care that is offered here before any decision is made about becoming a resident.



Nursing Care



Nursing care is available 24 hours a day and all our staff are fully licensed. Private bedrooms are available and there is also the option to have a semi-private bedroom.



Bavaria Memory Care



Bavaria Memory Care focuses on individual needs to give residents enrichment in their lives. All care is carried out with the safety and security of the residents in mind.



The Altenheim is a completely secure setting but it is made to feel just like home for our residents so that they always feel comfortable and content. There are a wide range of activities that take place everyday so that residents can have fun and make new friends.



There is a big dining room for residents to enjoy their meals with others, or they can eat in the privacy of their rooms if they prefer. They are even able to host parties for their friends and family members.



All the food that is served is healthy and nutritious, as well as being delicious. We are also able to cater for specific diets related to health issues. We also offer special menus for special events and any holidays.



We like to encourage our residents to stay well and active and offer a range of exercise and music programs. There is a library and hair salon available on site. We also have a guest suite that can be used by relatives that are visiting from out of town.



Our staff continue to monitor residents to ensure that they are getting the care they need and will keep in touch with the family to update them as necessary. We carry out in-depth assessments so that we can offer the specific care that meets the needs of the individual.



Amenities include:



– Choice of any available room


– Bathrooms that are private


– Gardens that are well maintained and landscaped


– Carpets from wall to wall


– An environment that is smoke free


– Sprinkler system and fire doors


– Fresh flowers changed regularly


– Dining room with scenic views of the Mississippi River


– Resident parking with reserved spaces


– Small animals including cats allowed in rooms



We understand that over time people can change, and this might mean that their care needs change as well. We want all of our residents to be well cared for at the same time as giving them the respect and privacy that they deserve. We work with the residents and their families to ensure that the highest levels of care are provided at all times.


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