ElderCareChannel.Com pilots a new remote care pilot program for the elderly

From the CDC: Older adults, 65 years and older should stay at home1. — But how are they to get the care and companionship they need?

St. Louis, Missouri – April 3, 2020 –

Social distancing and sheltering in place are vital in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)2 state that older people and people with chronic diseases who are at higher risk for COVID-19 may respond to the stress of this crisis with:

·         Fear and anxiety about personal health and that of loved ones

·         Changes in sleep or eating habits

·         Difficulty sleeping and concentrating

·         Worsening of chronic health issues

·         Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs

Research3 has also linked isolation and loneliness to several problems that affect seniors including:

·         High blood pressure and heart disease

·         Decreased immunity

·         Additional anxiety and depression

·         Worsening cognitive levels and exacerbation of Alzheimer’s

·         Increased mortality

As a consequence of this isolation, experts feel we may experience a subsequent epidemic of depression, especially in the elderly.  As the coronavirus continues its relentless spread, it would appear that many of our elderly are trapped by circumstance.

However, there is hope.  Associations for medicine and public health promote a possible solution for many: telehealth.  For instance, the CDC4 notes that telehealth is considered an important weapon against COVID-19, and calls for the “leveraging of telehealth tools to direct people to the right level of health care for their medical needs.”

The new ElderCareChannel.Com Virtual Nurse Telehealth Program is introducing a different kind of adult care experience designed to get adults back in the swing of life, while at a fraction of the cost of other care services.  Our online nurses interact with older adults during stimulating activities and exercises, encouraging social interaction with other older adults in this virtual space. while providing the supervision that clients sometimes need to ensure their safety.  This program will be the first of its kind.  We are looking into expanding across the country, as distance is no longer a barrier.  Although the Virtual Nurse Telehealth Program is not a medical resource, we will provide this vital service during this difficult time and beyond.  In addition, for a limited time, we are offering a free one-month pilot program for a limited number of interested clients.

The benefits of the Virtual Nurse Telehealth Program are especially important during this pandemic. Because clients enjoy the program from their homes, they will not risk exposure to other people who may be carrying the coronavirus.  The program eliminates having to drive one’s loved one to a daycare facility, which saves time, hassle and expense and eliminates the danger of traveling in harsh weather conditions. Finally, because our nurses can interact with clients, they may recognize signs or symptoms that require medical attention, and encourage participants to seek care earlier.

The ElderCare Channel– http://eldercarechannel.com/ was founded in 2019 by Dr. William Dunn.  The ElderCare Channel has helped the elderly with up to date information on a wide variety of health topics, as well as assisting in placement for home care and long-term health care facilities.

For more information, you can reach Dr. Dunn writing: info@eldercarechannel.com


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