Eldercare Channel Announces New Free Evaluation Survey for In-Home Healthcare

St. Louis, MO (June 2019) – Eldercare Channel has announced the launch of its new free evaluation survey. This multi-step survey helps the children or spouses of elderly individuals assess the status of their senior parents or loved ones. It is designed to help people make better decisions about in-home health care that might be needed. The questions are best answered sooner rather than later as a way of identifying problems early and finding more suitable solutions.

The new Eldercare Channel survey asks six questions that are highly relevant to the life of someone who is starting to age. The possible answers exist on a sliding scale from low involvement and non-imperative consequences to serious matters that require immediate change. The resulting information leads to adult day care consultation services, which help the person in need to make better choices for future care.

The questions on the survey relate to living situations, financial independence, physical activity, frequency of falls, mental health, and care in the future. There are at least six possible answers on each question, and sometimes more so a detailed response can be given. The least problematic answer for the question of financial independence, for example, is that the loved one is financially dependent now and will be for at least five more years. The more critical answers on the other end of the scale are the loved one running out of money soon or currently requiring financial assistance. Another example is the question about the frequency of falling. Answers range from a loved one who has never fallen needing little to no care, but the opposite side of the spectrum is someone who has been injured from multiple falls or had major changes to their lifestyle after a fall.

The results from this survey help Dr. William Dunn determine how to plan the long term care for someone’s spouse or parent. He can evaluate the severity of the situation and determine the level of care that will be needed. Dr. Dunn personally went through the process of being unprepared for the care of his mother. Now he helps offer curated, personalized consultation information that matches his clients with trusted in-home healthcare workers. Rather than being given a long list of questionable leads, Eldercare Channel connects clients with professionals they can truly trust. To find out more, visit the Eldercare Facebook page.

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